Reopening 12 April 2021

I do the majority of my life coaching via video calls and it works brilliantly.  I have clients throughout the UK, Europe and even further afield.  Obviously, this provides effective and 100% COVID-safe life coaching.

That said, there are people who choose me as their life coach because they want to work with together in person.  They struggle to work in the same way via Zoom and find they get something different from the face to face sessions.  For some, it can be important to get out of their own environment to be able to think clearly and talk openly and honestly.  Plus, being together but outside doesn’t always provide the required privacy or sense of security – and here in the north east, the weather can work against us!

As such, and in line with the UK Government guidelines, I have reopened my coaching space in Durham for in person sessions.  Obviously, safety is my top priority.  I have implemented many changes which meet and surpass regulations to provide COVID-secure life coaching.

COVID-Secure In Person Life Coaching

  • Touch-free access from the road to the coaching space

  • No need to enter main body of house

  • Well-spaced appointments

  • No crossover with other people

  • No more than 1 in person client per day

  • 2 metre social distancing at all times

  • Well ventilated room (doors and windows open so wrap up warm!)

  • Non-invasive clear acrylic sheet between coach and client

  • Thorough cleaning regime as regulated

  • Surpassing UK Government regulations

  • COVID-safe toilet facilities available if required

Infection Prevention and Control

Anyone who comes for face to face coaching has to adhere to my COVID-19 Infection Prevention & Control Policy.  This document highlights what measures I am taking to make the coaching as safe as possible, and what clients are also expected to do.  In addition, this specifies that no one will attend their appointment if they feel unwell or have any symptoms.  This also applies if you are living with, or sharing a support bubble with, someone who is unwell or has symptoms. Or if you have been advised to self isolate by the NHS Trace and Test scheme.  There will be no fee for late cancellations/amendments in these cases and, if feeling well enough, coaching can be transferred to Zoom instead.

Of course, these regulations apply to me also.

Sadly, right now, there is always an increased risk with seeing people in person so if you have reservations or are in the higher risk categories, I would strongly suggest that you choose the option of video call coaching.  As I say, it’s a really effective method and eliminates any risk altogether.

If you would like to know more about any of this, and chat through your options, please just get in touch.