A Problem Shared…

Whilst we’re experiencing the coronavirus outbreak, I’m providing a number of emotional health support groups, online and free of charge.  I’m seeing so much stress, anxiety, fear and overwhelm, it’s my small way of trying to give something back.  I’m also volunteering my coaching services to support NHS staff and the isolated elderly.  This isn’t any sacrifice – it’s makes me feel so much better too!

The groups are a positive and practical space, providing a supportive forum to help members cope emotionally in the best way possible.  Their purpose is to make everyone feel a little better.  People can talk freely and be listened to, and also receive hints and tips from other members of the group.  Members share what they’re experiencing, what’s worked for them, even what hasn’t.  They’re a place of sharing, learning and, where necessary, changing.  They’re aimed at those who have the capacity to challenge how they’re feeling and look for new ways of dealing with things.  If that feels a bit too much for where you’re currently at, then a more counselling-based forum might be of more help.

Please note that I am also currently offering one to one emotional health coaching sessions at a reduced price.

At an emotional health support group, you can:

  • Be heard and understood

  • Share your experiences in a non-judgemental space

  • Learn from others

  • Share helpful hints and tips about what’s worked for you

  • Support and be supported

  • Find a little joy and hope in every day

My role is as a facilitator of the group, ensuring everyone gets a chance to speak and be heard.  I encourage the sharing of practical advice and, where requested, use my coaching skills to help people to see new options and approaches.   I keep the space free of speculation and unsupported theories.

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The groups take place weekly via video conferencing using Google Hangouts.  Each group size is limited to 5 people so they have a warm, inclusive feel and everyone has the chance to be heard.  Sessions last 1 hour.  The number of sessions may be limited depending on demand.

These emotional health support groups are entirely free of charge.  If anyone is interested in attending and has a stable, sufficient income during this time, they’d be very welcome to donate to the Trussell Trust, who provide a nationwide network of food banks.

If you are interested in joining, please get in touch, telling me if you’d prefer a morning, afternoon or evening slot.