Embarking on a course of coaching is a commitment – to yourself and to what you’re trying to achieve.  This commitment in itself can make a huge difference.  It’s a commitment on my part too.  I will be be there for you during our sessions and make sure you can see me when you need to.  Plus, I’ll be there with support in between sessions (Sort It and Change It Coaching Packages).

Sometimes, we may need to explore some of the tricky stuff to get rid of it once and for all.  We’ll do that at your pace but, even so, it may feel a little wobbly at times.  Ducking out can seem like the easy option.  That means that you don’t get the change you set out to achieve.  Additionally, it means I’m incentivised to keep you away from where the answers may be, which would be doing us both a disservice.

I do appreciate that sometimes the unexpected can happen.  If that’s the case, it’s fine to pause your coaching sessions and return to them when you’re ready.

Come and meet me for a free exploratory session so you can be sure that life coaching, and specifically life coaching with me, is right for you.