As a life coach, my speciality is helping people find a life that feels right – a life that inspires, stimulates and satisfies; a life that doesn’t feel wobbly, painful or dull.

Life coaching is a collaborative process where we work together to work things out.  It can be fun and fascinating.  In particular, it’s a great way to take a look at what’s going on, why, what you really want and how to get there.  I’ll be with you 100% – your personal cheerleader and #1 fan.  But I’ll also reflect what I’m hearing (and sometimes what you’re NOT saying) and do that with honesty and compassion.  At times, that means shining some light into those dark, cobwebby corners to give them a good clear-out once and for all.

That can be a little scary at times, but is often how the good stuff happens.  And don’t worry, as your life coach, I’ll be right beside you every step of the way.


Life coaching can help you to:

  • Cut through the chaos and confusion

  • Have a clearer idea of what you want and how to get it

  • Take positive, proactive decisions that feel right

  • Dig beneath the surface to find out what’s really going on

  • Become less wobbly and vulnerable to self doubt

  • Feel clearer, calmer and more content

  • Stop sweating the small stuff; stop ignoring the big stuff

  • Find a life that inspires you and keeps you growing

  • Make some peace with the unchangeable irritations in your life

  • Trust in yourself and feel back in control

I love big dreams and always encourage people to see beyond limitations. I love helping people find their inner spark and seeing that build back to a roaring passion.

That said though, I’m realistic too and I never forget what’s important to you.  I’ll be there to help you see what’s possible, check what you really want and make sure that all aspects of your life are coming along for the ride.  There’s a lot of aspirational coaching out there and I’m all for it, as long as that’s your thing.  But I also know that being amazing comes in many different forms.

Through coaching, I support people with:

Tuning In

You know something isn’t working.  However, you don’t know what it is, why it’s there or what to do about it .  As your life coach, I can help you tune into yourself so that a clearer picture emerges, along with a plan of action to help you get to where you want to be.

Taking Action

You have a plan and you’re ready for change.  Well, you have a bit of a plan and it keeps shifting.  You can’t seem to make the things you want to happen, happen.  Life coaching can help turn procrastination into action, bringing vague ideas into focus.

Breaking the Cycle

Haven’t you been here before? Had this rubbish relationship repeatedly, been stuck in this dead-end job interminably, had the same fight with your friend/partner/parent/boss?  When you’re sick of the same issues returning, I can help you break the patterns and find a new way that works.

Battling On

Sometimes you have to deal with stuff you didn’t ask for and that you can’t change.  It could be a chronic health issue, a bereavement, a difficult relationship with someone close – the list is endless.  Coaching can help you find a way to transform friction into a smoother ride.