I’m very aware of the joys and challenges of being in the business of supporting others. I spent nearly 15 years as a busy Five Element acupuncturist, ran my own complementary health centre, and now work as a transformational life coach.

With a background in marketing and over 20 years’ being self employed, I’m also a whizz at helping take traditionally offline businesses into the online world, generating new income streams and bringing your perfect clients to your (virtual and real) door. All whilst being true to your authentic self, holding that moral compass firm – oh and often in a way that’s not as labour-intensive as your time in clinic.

As such, I provide unique hybrid of transformation coaching with business coaching for acupuncturists and other wellness practitioners.

I enable them to ditch the imposter syndrome, harness what makes them great, and step forward in a safe and sustainable way. And help their business bloom, with aligned ambitions that are true to them, supported by streamlined systems and lower impact options so there’s no overwhelm or burnout.

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Business coaching for acupuncturists and wellness practitioners will help you:

  • Ditch the imposter syndrome and step into your expertise in a way that feels true to you
  • Align your business so that it’s the perfect fit for you, bringing you joy and reward
  • Play to your strengths so you do what you’re great at, for the people you love to work with – and who love what you do (the perfect recipe for confidence & success)
  • Generate the business income you desire, without overwhelm or burnout
  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries, so your clients don’t run you ragged
  • Challenge the perfectionism and focusing only on the negatives, so you can celebrate your successes, keep improving your skills, and take your place with a quiet confidence
  • Ensure that your health and wellbeing is prioritised amongst the needs of others
  • Dial down that negative inner voice so you can get visible and and make an impact
  • Overcome those beliefs that are holding you back, especially about money, value and what you provide
  • Create a health business portfolio with multiple income streams, so you feel energised rather than exhausted each day
  • Enjoy a vibrant work-life balance
  • Work efficiently, effectively and in a way that works for you – and your clients

I’m currently offering my transformational business coaching for acupuncturists and wellness practitioners at standard life coaching prices. This offer won’t last long!

If you want to know more about whether I’m the right coach for you, you can read more about me and my journey here or book a free exploratory session. There’s no obligation or hard sell, just a chat to see if we fit.

Practitioner Referral Scheme

Life coaching can complement many health and wellbeing therapies, including acupuncture. Have you got clients who are so stuck in overwhelm they’re not getting the most from your treatments? Or their negative beliefs and behaviours mean their best intentions soon go out of the window, along with some of your therapy’s impact?

I passionately believe that many treatments can be enhanced with life coaching support, to shift those deeper psychological patterns that can hamper with even the most powerful interventions. The coaching complements other therapies perfectly, enabling your clients to get the full potential of your services, without their “baggage” getting in the way.

Life coaching is great for those clients who:

  • Keep encountering the same problems again and again

  • Are really hard on themselves, setting themselves incredibly high standards with lashing of stress & overwhelm
  • Struggle to put their good intentions into action
  • Feel so much better with your treatments but are unsure what to do now to put their potential into action
  • Have beliefs and behaviours that are keeping them trapped in unhelpful, unhealthy patterns
  • Are struggling with self doubt, self sabotage, perfectionism, procrastination or people-pleasing
  • Know they want a change in their work, in their life, but are struggling to make it happen
  • Are finding it hard to deal with things that they can’t change

To join the scheme, just get in touch with your name, location and therapy details. Or drop me an email if you’d like to know more about life coaching and how it could help your specific clients. I’m happy to post you some business cards or feel free to point clients to my website, Facebook or Instagram.

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