Emma has been been a perfect tool in my life in the last year. She’s helped me focus and channel ideas in both work and personal settings. She has easily adapted the way we communicate depending on my location throughout the world and situations. Highly recommend to anyone.

Ryan BunkerRyan, Private Chef (Insta: rmbunker)

My time with Emma is precious indeed.  A time to reflect, practise and work on bringing yourself to a place of clarity.  It’s also time with a firm insight into your growth and ultimate contentment.  I have found her approach to be very helpful, non judgmental and extremely supportive.  Emma’s skills bring out the very best you can be.  Her gentle probing leads to what feels like an awakening.  I have felt both empowered and strengthened – Emma leads to you doing this for yourself.  She’s a genius!

Coaching testimonialPhilippa, Lichfield

I became a client of Emma’s because I wanted to find a way of regaining control over my life.  I was swept along at a dizzying speed by a whirlwind of work.  This meant I had lost sight of my life.  My engagement in any kind of out of work activity was almost zero and I caught only brief glimpses of friends and family.  I felt really lost.  I wanted to find out who I was and what I was really good at.  Rather than reacting to situations as I had done all my life, I wanted to be proactive in the choices I made.

During the time that Emma worked with me as my life coach, I gained a tremendous understanding of who I am.  I learned about what is important to me, what motivates me.  In addition, Emma helped me gain confidence in my skills, abilities and decision-making processes.

Emma is very open and approachable.  She guided me through the life coaching process skilfully and cohesively.  I had control over the direction of my journey and Emma provided the tools to assist with my progress.  At the end of our sessions I felt like I was ready to do whatever came next without holding her hand.  In summary, I have a much better idea of the kind of person I am and what I am good at.  As such, I felt that something had changed within me.  I wasn’t the same person that set out on the journey.

Bridget, London

Life coaching with Emma has been, without any exaggeration, transformational.  It has allowed me great insight into who I am, what I want from life and why I haven’t been doing it all along.  When I started the sessions, I was about to embark on a fourth career.  This would meant a lot of sacrifice on my and my family’s part.  I decided to do the life coaching to choose between this path or stick with my current career.  Now I have finished the life coaching, I can see clearly that neither of these paths was for me.

Firstly, I learned what my life values are and why I wasn’t following them.  Together, we unpicked how to create the right belief systems.  As a result, I could follow my new chosen path with confidence.  Without this process, I don’t think I would ever have had the insight and resolve to choose this path.  In other words, I would not be bringing the best of myself into the world.  The benefits to me have been wider reaching than simply allowing me to make this singular, albeit important, decision.  The insight I have gained into myself, my motivations and belief systems are advantageous in so many other ways.  Since doing the life coaching, my friends have commented on how relaxed I seem.  In short, this is the power of knowing yourself well.

Emma is a fantastic coach.  I enjoyed her empathetic and understanding disposition.  She coupled this with an ability to challenge me so that it felt non-confrontational.  Without these challenges, the positive changes and the insights – the bit where the transformational magic ignites – would not have been possible.  My advice to anyone considering life coaching: do it!  Do it with an open mind and with a willingness to put in the work and you will reap the rewards.

Pamela, Stroud

In my experience, all the things you need to move on in life come to you by chance, when you are looking the other way.  That’s how it was for me with Emma and her life coaching service.  I hadn’t realised that I needed life coaching but boy, did I need it.  What a difference it has made. 

I’m not one of life’s natural planners and organisational abilities are not the top of my skills.  I asked if we could start looking at how I plan my life.  Emma used different techniques to help me to explore what the issues were and how to resolve them.  The process was very transformative.  I have found that I am using my time more efficiently in many more ways than we had discussed.  As a result, things have started falling into place. 

One of the invaluable skills that Emma has is her ability to listen very carefully.  She is then able to elucidate my ramblings into something far more coherent.  This has been incredibly useful in reaching a better understanding of myself.  Moreover, this has evolved into looking at deeper issues that I hadn’t realised were related to my original request.  Indeed, it’s helped me look at whole other areas of my life.  I can’t really put into words how incredibly worthwhile this process has been.

In conclusion, I would not hesitate in recommending Emma.  She is lovely, warm, easy to talk to, non-judgmental and very perceptive.  I am very grateful for her help in the ongoing process of making my life better.

Fiona, Stockport

My time with Emma was incredibly valuable in helping to shift my perspective on how and why I do things in my life.

Emma was empathic, listened to me intently and used imagery to help me to gain perspective on my thoughts and feelings.  She blended different techniques skilfully and combined these with talking and exploring my thoughts – the result made for a very insightful coaching journey.

In between sessions, Emma shared additional resources, articles and podcasts that reminded her of our conversations.  I gained something from each of these and found them to be a highly welcome addition to our coaching relationship.

I would highly recommend coaching with Emma for anyone who wants to gain a deeper insight into their life or anyone who feels stuck and needs help figuring out their next move.

Margot, London

At a time in my life when things were not great, I decided to take control and investigate if coaching could be a solution for me.  Thankfully I came across Emma who, I have to say, has been amazing to work with.  Regular coaching sessions helped me reflect on my “values” and how these were impacting on my situation and life choices.  Early on, I realised my life was mostly being run by a series of “shoulds” (I should do this, I shouldn’t do that) which was not helpful!  Deeply ingrained habits were not easy to change.  However, over the weeks, Emma’s challenge, questioning and reflections helped me shift this thinking, so my self limiting beliefs and actions altered to become options, possibilities and solutions. 

Emma’s coaching has helped me make some really positive lifestyle changes.  I now have more balance and I am enjoying exploring possibilities which I would not have considered before.  I know I would not have been able to do this on my own, so the time spent with Emma has been invaluable.  For me, the impact of the coaching has been life changing.

Ali, Durham

Emma appeared in my life, as it were, as if by magic.  I had reached a point when I felt that I needed help in finding a direction to move on from events which were happening in my life but which I had no control over.  Additionally, I had few coping strategies to deal with what was being thrown at me.  I had lost sight of me as an individual and treated myself with little kindness and no compassion.

Throughout our sessions, Emma listened intently, drawing out important issues coherently which was critical for me as my mind is always all over the place and it is so easy to just get lost in the maelstrom.  What I found particularly useful was that between sessions, Emma would send me very detailed emails summarising what we had covered in the sessions but also additional material, resources, podcasts, books, articles and websites to explore further for my own personal development.

Finally, Emma has encouraged me to begin a journey, which I wish I had started many years ago.  She has nurtured and persevered in helping to steer my path to a better future.  The journey continues.  I would unreservedly recommend working with Emma.  Take the risk and see where your journey takes you.

Margaret, Chester le Street

Emma helped me get through the most difficult time – I literally was at rock bottom.  I really didn’t know what I needed but thankfully a good friend recommended her to me and she really hit the spot!

Emma helped me to really find me!  I learnt to accept myself and my circumstances “warts and all” and Emma empowered me to move forward with a much more positive and assured mindset.

Carolyn, Lichfield

I’ve loved every moment of working with Emma and truly believe that it has made a massive difference to how I am tackling things, and my need for greater balance and harmony within myself and my family.  It’s made me much more confident to think about my own needs and prioritise myself a bit more.  Thank you. 

Emily, Durham