Emotional Health Coaching

I’m currently offering emotional health coaching remotely.   These are one-off sessions where you don’t have to commit to a coaching package and are priced at a reduced rate.  They take place via video call or telephone.  Emotional health coaching is focused on making the every day better during the current coronavirus situation.

Much of my coaching works centres around emotional health and shifting unhelpful thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours.  In my view, it’s only when we have this sorted that we can truly move on to a vibrant, fulfilling future.  With the unfolding coronavirus pandemic, I’m currently working with many people to help them deal with the stress, fear, anxiety and overwhelm.  I wanted to make this more widely available.

Please note that I am not a counsellor.  Emotional health coaching is all about having someone to listen to you, really listen.  And to help you identify ways that you can make things better for yourself and others, bringing some balance into every day.  I appreciate that may seem unlikely at the moment, but it really is possible and there’s so much we can do with our mental health to get through this more easily, while of course still staying informed and safe.

The sessions are a proactive partnership where you’ll be doing a lot of the work, with my help and support.  Therefore, they’re aimed at those who have the capacity to challenge how they’re feeling and look for new ways of dealing with things.  If that feels a bit too much for where you’re currently at, then a counsellor or psychotherapist might be more help.  I’m happy to help you assess whether this coaching is right for you or not.

Emotional health coaching can help you to:

  • Be listened to and understood

  • Identify negative thought patterns and beliefs

  • Challenge unhelpful behaviours to find a more harmonious way forward

  • Identify practical, effective self care techniques

  • Offload and talk things through

  • Have an oasis of calm and support

  • Learn simple ways to soothe yourself

  • Bring some joy and hope into every day

Sessions last up to 1 hour and cost £35.   The free exploratory session is not required before starting this coaching.  For more information, please get in touch.