Is coaching worth it?  Yes!

Ok, I’m biased but I also know the difference it can make.  You could splash out on a weekend away or a fancy new coat, and yes, that would be lovely.  It would give you boost and maybe recharge the batteries.  But recharge the batteries for what?  Dealing with the same old crap that has brought you to this website in the first place?

Life coaching can help you to see what works for you and what doesn’t, and enable you to tweak the behaviours that are holding you back.  It will give you confidence and clarity along with techniques to keep things on track.  It can be the key to finding and living a life that feels just right – a life that fits.  And that will last a lifetime.

So a bit of a bargain really!

I do realise it is a big financial outlay for many and that is why I offer staged payment options with most of my coaching packages.  See my pricing page for more details.