How to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter’s back – and so it’s time to return to my series of seasonal blogs and look at how to beat the winter blues.  Each time I revisit these blogs, I gain a more nuanced understanding, and my toolkit for flourishing improves.  And so, I hope you don’t mind the occasional repetition and that you too can embrace sitting with the familiar to gain a deeper resonance.  And that, my friends, is really key to this time of year.  [...]

Detox Your Life with the Magic of Autumn

So the Autumn Equinox fell in the early hours of this morning (September 23 2022).  In the Chinese Solar Terms, this actually marks the half way point of autumn so we’re well into the season.  But outside the window, what we think of as autumn is only just starting (oh and yes a little inside too with the annual spider invasion - check out one of my fave cartoons about this). I know a lot of [...]

Beat the Winter Blues – Making Winter Work for You

Well, we’re back here again. Winter, the season of ultimate yin – cold, dark, hidden, internal - and for many a time of dread.  But this season is so important.  So how can we make winter work for us, and beat the winter blues? I used to hate winter and couldn’t wait for the longer, warmer days.  I would be sluggish, dull, craving sunlight, and battling it every step of the way. My relationship with the seasons transformed when [...]