As a rule, I don’t do politics here but I wanted to share what I was up to last weekend.  I got on a train at a shockingly early time last Saturday and headed down to the Extinction Rebellion Big One in London.  A 4 day legal and non-disruptive demonstration to draw attention to the climate emergency and loss of biodiversity – something I care deeply about.

I wasn’t there to glue myself to roads, smash windows or get arrested (XR are now only doing non-disruptive work anyway but in honesty, I don’t have the courage).  I didn’t have a banner, I didn’t have a costume, and it was just me (meeting a couple of friends).  So why bother?  I was hardly likely to save the world.  I was hardly likely to even be noticed.  

Believe me, I wondered this myself.  But the thing that pushed me on was the urge to stand up and be counted.  And to feel like I’m taking action – the word I chose for 2023.

And it felt very apt to listen to Chris Packham (🙌) talking about the need for us all to stretch our comfort zone and take the next step of action, whatever that might be for us individually.  It’s what I plan to keep doing.

And the reason I share this?  Well, of course, I’d love it if some of you who care deeply about this too start taking action too.  But it’s not just that.

Many people come to me for coaching with great plans, dreams and potential.  But they are stuck, frozen, procrastinating and spinning on the spot.  They’re getting overwhelmed by an end point that is out of reach right now so they just stop (and instead spend their time beating themselves up about it).

But guess what?

  • You don’t need to get this all nailed in one go
  • You don’t need to be able to reach the goal immediately
  • And (controversial to us perfectionists) you don’t even have to get it right first time

In fact, I truly believe that the more you sit with the process, develop with it as it grows, build skills, capacity and understanding, and get feedback, the better the end result will be.

Oh and the more likely it is to be a foundational shift in your abilities and capacity, rather than a flash in the pan (meaning you can keep going to bigger and better things without the same stress).

So this week, my clients have been taking tolerable, achievable actions, and opening the door to momentum, development and possibilities.   And that makes me so happy – and inspires me every day with my own actions.