I adore my clients and am fascinated by their lives, their stories, their dreams and ambitions.  And, of course, they are all wonderfully unique.

But you’d be amazed by how similar the themes are in our coaching sessions.  Topics that I bang on here regularly, like:

  • being stressed, frazzled and trapped on a hamster wheel
  • never feeling good enough
  • being stuck, procrastinating and spinning on the spot
  • being the “imposter”, about to be caught out at any minute
  • negative self talk and that harsh inner critic
  • feeling like an outsider, never fitting in and struggling to connect or belong
  • putting everyone else’s needs first and losing sight of the true self
  • people pleasing to avoid conflict or attention….

And another regular theme is “is it just me?”.  So many people think that they’re the only one struggling with these things.  That no one else is so messed up, so useless, so unloveable – so broken (their words; not mine).

And the answer is no!  As I say, I see this time and time again.  In fact, not that long ago, I would have put my hand up to most of this stuff myself. And there’s heaps of psychological approaches and somatic practices based around these themes because of the vast amount of people dealing with them.

And I know both in my own growth and in seeing the wonderful shifts my clients make that it doesn’t have to be this way.  That these thought patterns are ingrained habits, even survival tactics that are no longer serving their purpose.  And just as we put them there, we can take them away.

So if any of this sounds familiar, please remember:

  • It is not just you
  • You are not broken
  • It doesn’t have to be this way
  • You are not alone

Do reach out if you’re ready to leave this stuff behind – my Shift It coaching package is an ideal option.  To stop dragging yourself down and instead be on your own team.   And to harness that energy that’s currently being turned inwards and against yourself, into power to help you take your place, and make the impact you desire.