Learning to be the parent your inner child’s needs

So how are you doing with getting to know your inner child?  What ages are they when they show up?  And perhaps most importantly, how are you getting on with understanding them, and being kind and compassionate to them? I hope last week's blog gave you a few pointers on how to tune into them, how they might be impacting you, and how to start to build a relationship with them.  And also helped shine a light on why [...]

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Is your inner child running the show?

Guess what?  You’re filled with little people.  And a lot of the time, they’re running the show. No, I haven’t lost the plot (honest).  Hear me out…. When we experience traumas which don’t get resolved, particularly in our early years, then our younger selves get stuck in the cycling of that experience.  They remain inside of us, and show up whenever something similar arises.  They take over our behaviours and reactions, trying to keep us safe (but their toolkit [...]