Do I need coaching or counselling? Part 2

Following on from last week's post, I wanted to raise up a couple more things worth considering. Sometimes it's what's best, rather than what's preferable Often, when people hear that coaching tends to be present and future-focused whereas counselling can be about finding resolution and release of past issues, they love the sound of coaching (but as I mentioned last week, it's not always that clear cut).  Who doesn't want to forget all that old stuff and [...]

Do I need coaching or counselling? Part 1

I’m often asked "do I need coaching or counselling" and so thought I’d share my own take on this here. I’ve often heard it said that counselling or therapy is about the past, and coaching is about the present and the future.   I understand what’s meant by that, but it’s an oversimplification that I believe does a disservice to both coaching and counselling. Or some say that coaching is about setting and achieving goals, whereas counselling is about solving [...]