The Key to Confidence – Playing to Your Strengths (Confidence Part 3)

Wow, my little blog on confidence has become a series, and it feels like we're still just touching the surface! But we're doing great things, and it feels like the next logical step is to start looking at how we can tune into what we're great at (and our Zone of Genius). This also means considering what isn't our forte, or could do with some improvement, or appreciation of what's just not our thing. And being able to do [...]

5 Tips to Boost Your Self Confidence (Confidence Part 2)

Ok, so following on from last week's blog, we've shifted those deep, dark beliefs about confidence being a bad thing, and we'd like some of it. Not too little, not too much - just a delicious balance of calm confidence, quiet power, and assurance and ease with all we are and all we can do. Sounds good, eh? But how? Well, it's a huge topic, but I'll share a few hints and tips here that can be game-changers. [...]

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Let’s talk about the C word…Confidence (Part 1)

Confidence – nice thing to have, yes? Knowledge of and belief in your skills and abilities, a calm relationship with your own strengths and areas of improvement, an ability to communicate what those are so others know what you’ve got covered. No biggie you’d think.  But yet when this comes up in my coaching space, there’s times you’d think I’d started shouting the other C word – horror, recoil, fear, and rejection (“that’s not for me!)”. Somewhere along the [...]