I’ve created this page to make it easy to find my blogs all about how to soothe stress & anxiety.  I’m passionate about the role the non-conscious brain and  the nervous system have on how we think, act and show up.  For change to really happen – and last – we have to bring our nervous system along for the ride, in a safe and sustainable way.  As powerful as cognitive coaching can be, if the nervous system is dysregulated (think overly sensitive), no amount of talking is going to make change happen over time.

And this can be really subtle, and you may not even notice that you need to soothe stress & anxiety.  Instead it might show up as:

  • Feeling stuck and unable to do what we really want to

  • Struggling to make positive change happen and sustain

  • Having a shrinking comfort zone

  • Procrastination

  • Having the very best of intentions but can’t put them into action

  • Struggling to maintain healthy boundaries or have balanced relationships/friendships

  • Starting with enthusiasm but then running out of steam

  • Avoiding conflict at all costs

  • Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or prone to burnout

  • Doing things that we don’t want to do (but feel powerless to stop)

  • Getting stuck in negative thought patterns

  • Feeling uncomfortable in our own skin

  • Avoiding attention and play it small and safe

  • And more!

These are the blogs

Using the Senses to Stay Calm (and Self Regulate):