Having a “flare plan” – how to deal with stressful, busy times

Whilst helping people with stressful, busy times, I've started sharing the idea of a flare plan.  I highly recommend them so here's more... This is a concept I came across recently in the chronic health space and I'm a big fan (and bear with me here because I think it's really relevant for everyone, not just us chronic health-ers).  With MCAS, I can have flare ups where my health issues become more acute.  Rather than an instant deterioration, they [...]

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Be More Batman – challenging limiting beliefs to take your place

I'm aware that I often talk here about a softly, softly approach when it comes to overcoming procrastination and stretching our comfort zone.  I'm very much of the Start-Small-and-Build Brigade when it comes to working with "my people", most of whom are sensitive souls (like me!).  And I do this because it works! But that doesn't mean we think small. My work is all about helping professionals and entrepreneurs ditch the imposter syndrome to take their place and embrace their big ambitions. [...]

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Nourish or Numb?

When you're stressed, do you nourish or numb?  We often unconsciously use activities which soothe the autonomic nervous system (ANS).  This is the non-conscious part of our brain and body that is responsible for our survival (on a basic level, it's the flight or fight response). These activities help us to come back towards regulation - a calmer, more conscious Ventral state where we can choose how we act rather than react.  (BTW, I'm using the language of Polyvagal Theory [...]

Not all stress is equal (or bad) – there’s good stress too!

I've been banging on a lot lately about relieving stress (because everyone's so frazzled!).  And also because I know that a well regulated nervous system is the foundation for all my clients want to do (embrace new ways, stop playing it small and safe, get clear on what they want, feel comfortable in who they are, take their place in a safe and sustainable way). But managing stress isn't just about avoiding it - there's good stress too!  Many [...]

Why am I so angry? The answer might not be what you think

Lots of people are asking "why am I so angry?" right now.  They're struggling with the emotion - how it makes them feel and the impact on others.  I'm also aware that I spoke of "harnessing anger" for good in last week's blog, and some of you are wondering how to do that.  And so I thought this was worth a bit more exploration. Anger in Chinese Medicine In Chinese Medicine, anger is the emotion of [...]

Dealing with bad news: how to stay sane and stay engaged when chaos reigns

It's hard to miss the news right now.  And it feels like none of is it good.  And so many people I know are fed up with dealing with bad news so are stepping away from it altogether. And I get that.  I did the same myself back in 2016 when my nervous system was shot with ill health and burnout (and Trump 🙄).  And there's no doubt that being exposed to these stories absolutely creates a stress response in us, [...]