5 Key Benefits of Journalling: Write it out to work it out

This week, I've been reminding a few people about the benefits of journalling.  I'm a huge fan of journalling and recommend it to all my clients. It's a fabulous support tool for our work together. In fact, I'd say it can help anyone out there - so read on... (p.s. if you want to give journalling a go but don't know where to start, I've got a great guide - just email me and I'll send you a copy) [...]

Learning how to say no (and hold healthy boundaries)

Are there times when you say yes, when you really want to say no?  That's been a common theme in my coaching this week.  Many of my clients have people-pleasing traits and that means it can be difficult not to automatically take things on when asked, fearful of not being liked, of causing disappointment or - a biggie - of encountering conflict.  And the impact of this can be: feeling tired, stressed, and resentful when you're juggling too many balls getting [...]

Saying yes (or turning a no into a maybe)

I'm writing this a little dozy after a late night at the Bruce Springsteen concert at Stadium of Light, Sunderland.  I'll be honest - I'm no Bruce fan, I'm not one for gigs in huge stadiums, and the weather forecast was horrendous.  The tickets were a gift to Mr B who's a fan and I got dragged along. Long story short: I didn't want to go; I moaned about it a lot; I had an amazing time and absolutely loved [...]

Setting daily goals (and remembering the wins)

Daily goal setting is something many do, but often use it as a weapon rather than a tool of support.  Let me explain... This is one for those who struggle with procrastination and self punishment.  I would say these are such common battles for the people I work with - high achievers who are very hard on themselves, motivating themselves through stress, harshness and last minute deadlines. They're usually noticing that these tactics are working less effectively and the [...]